Frederick William Henshaw (May 24, 1858June 8, 1929) was the second oldest surviving son of Edward C. and Sarah Henshaw. He was a lawyer and judge, eventually serving on the California Supreme Court.


Frederick was born May 24, 1858 in Ottawa, Illinois. He married Grace S. Tubbs (Henshaw) (c.1863 – May 8, 1930) on April 9, 1888, at the home of Grace's father, Hiram Tubbs. They had four sons: Tyler Tubbs Henshaw (1889 – 1913), Stanley Tubbs Henshaw (July, 1891 – 1954), Frederick ("Fritz") Tubbs Henshaw (March, 1893 – 1964), and Stuart Tubbs Henshaw (October, 1897 – 1939).

Henshaw married Helen (Walker) Tay (c.1873 – April, 23 1943) on February 16, 1904. Oddly, it's unclear if Henshaw had divorced Grace, as he continued a family relationship with her and the boys, but by the 1920 census, Grace listed herself as divorced. 1

In 1910, the Henshaws lived at 1231 6th Avenue. By 1918, they had moved to San Francisco. In 1920, Grace and the boys were listed at 1443 6th Avenue, Oakland.

Fritz Tubbs Henshaw eloped with Mary Gwendolyn Casedy Henderson (Henshaw) on July 15, 1913. 3 He worked at Union Savings Bank with his uncle William G. Henshaw.

Tyler Tubbs Henshaw died September 25, 1913 of typhoid, only 6 weeks after marrying Irene Patricia O'Connor (Henshaw). The service was held at Albert Brown Mortuary, and interment followed in Mountain View Cemetery. 2

Law Career

Frederick attended the University of California after it had moved to Berkeley, graduating in 1879. He read for the law, and was admitted to practice law in 1880. He was Justice of the Peace for Oakland; at the time he was elected judge, he was the youngest judge serving on the bench in California. 1

In 1889 he was arrested and found in contempt of the Superior Court for not vacating the office of Police Judge. 4

He was elected judge of the Superior Court of Alameda County in 1890; he resigned in December, 1894 after being elected to the California Supreme Court. A. L. Frick was appointed his successor. 5

He was elected Associate Justice of the Supreme Court in 1894 and re-elected November 6, 1906. After serving on the Supreme Court, he went back into private practice as part of the firm, Henshaw, Black & Goldberg.

Frederick was a trustee of the Alameda County Law Library.

Death and Burial

Frederick died June 8, 1929, and his ashes were scattered over the bay. Grace died May 8, 1930 [ is she in the Tubbs' mausoleum? ]. Helen died April 23, 1943.

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