Chicano blues album 1992Day of the dead album 1995

The Funky Aztecs are a Chicano rap group from Northern California , (specifically - the city of Vallejo) best known for collaborating with and featuring Tupac Shakur (2PAC) on the track Salsa Con Soul Food. Original members included Merciless (aka Merc100Man), Indio (aka Big Ric), and Sapo Loco. When Sapo Loco left the group due to unknown circumstances they later added Game and Mainy Moe. The Funky Aztecs have been referenced in many books and have also been topics of discussion within universities all over the U.S. in Chicano History courses and similar college courses as well. The Funky Aztecs are known as the pioneers of Chicano rap and the "God Fathers" of Latin rap. Merciless and Indio are brothers originally from Vallejo, CA.

Funky Aztecs recorded several albums. Their most popular were "Chicano Blues" released in 1992 and "Day of the Dead" released in 1995. Many of there songs were Chicano conscious songs, others were about the reality of the streets. They also rapped about racism against Chicanos, and promoting unity within the community for both brown and black people.

The Funky Aztecs recorded with several musicians including Tupac Shakur, Digital Underground and N2Deep.