One summer day's haul from a garden in West Oakland. (mk30)Whooooooosh! Welcome friends to the gardening and farming portal where we will learn and document all there is to know about gardening, farming, and food production here in Oakland. This is suuuuuper bare bones, so please feel free to start contributing by adding an entry or adding information about something you know.

You may want to know the locations of some farmers' markets.

Here are some urban farms and community gardens (yes, they are two different things!) and information about community gardening / urban edible gardening programs.

Want to do some of your own gardening/farming? Here are some gardening resources, farming resources, homesteading resources and information about nurseries.

Here is some information on general-purpose gardens (ie, not necessarily food gardens) & some gardening resources.

Oakland has a really active food justice movement (which you can be a part of!). One of the things folks in the food justice movement work on is urban agriculture policy.

Finally, here's some information on relevant events and garden shows.


Doing your own gardening and farming and being a part of the local food production community here in Oakland is just one part of lots of different collaborative, DIY, sharing, peer to peer things that happens here. You can see a bit more of the entire landscape of stuff in this realm here.