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Gene Hazzard, for the record, speaks at every City Council meeting, usually multiple times. He does not like Phil Tagami.

Hazard ran for city council in District 3 in 1975 against incumbent Raymond Eng and then Black Panther chair Elaine Brown.

And it was recently discovered that he ran for City Council in District 5 in 1983- tag line, "An Effective Voice/Not Just a Channel." In 1988 or 1992 (please clarify if you know) Gene Hazzard also ran for the At-Large city council seat against Frank Ogawa and lost. He then sued for a recall election (with the help of Phil Tagami) but the effort failed. It's not clear when Gene Hazzard and Phil Tagami went from being friends/allies to mortal enemies.

He's also one of the organizers of one of the campaigns behind the movement to recall Jean Quan: