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NAME, Years Elected to City Council

George Babcock (1832- ?) 1879- 1880.




Babcock11George Babcock was a well known figure in Oakland. Born in New York, he taught Latin and Math at a high school there before going back to school to become a lawyer. He only practiced law for a short time before entering the Civil War, where he fought until being honorably discharged because he was wounded. He then moved to Saint Louis and practiced law for 16 years. He was a member of the City Council in Saint Louis. Babcock came to California in 1882.9

George Babcock worked at the Mint in San Francisco and as the Court Commissioner for Alameda County for 7 years. While at the Mint, he served as the chief adjuster and resigned probably due to political reasons (it appears that the Mint staff came and went with political changes at the top.) After resigning as Court Commissioner he went back to work at the Mint. While the Court Commissioner, he adjudicated over 700 divorce cases.His law offices were located in the Sanford Building.10

Colonel George Babcock was a veteran of the Civil War and a member of the Veterans' Protective Association.Until his 1902 expulsion, he was also a member of "Camp 3" of the "Army and Navy League."3 According to Babcock, he wasn't surprised or upset, as he had spoken out about what he perceived as financial improprietry, and believed that there was often strife between veterans.4

In 1903 Babcock married Eleanor Olney and the two moved into Eleanor's mother's home.Babcock's public speaking skills are mentioned frequently.


1895-1902 Court Commissioner, Alameda County7

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