NAME, Years Elected to City Council

George E Aitken served 3 terms on City Council: 1903, 1905 and 1907.





George Aitken lived at 1075 East Fifteenth street.Does anyone know if he had anything to do with the naming of Aitken Street?

Aitken was a member of the permanent committee on the city's water supply.In 1904 he met with representatives of Alameda County, Alameda and Berkeley to discuss a joint supply of water from Tuolumne River.5 He made several proposals before Council about a municipal water supply, some of which were a bit contentious. He wouldn't, however, accquiese to a secret meeting with Mayor Mott about the water issue, saying that secret meetings were un-American.4

In 1904 Aitken and Fred C. Turner, then Oakland's City Engineer, got in a fist fight over a storm drain. Aitken wanted the sewer (located at 23rd Ave and E. 14th) which was coming along too slowly. The two both left the fight with black eyes.5


Aitken had some position at the fire department...



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