George S. Pierce (September 8, 1874 - __) was Alameda County Chief Deputy County Clerk in 1902 to ____.

Descended from one of the Mayflower passengers, Pierce was born in Erie, Pennsylvania.  As a child Pierce moved with his parents and siblings to Oakland, California in 1883.  Following graduation from one of Oakland's high schools, Pierce became the Builders' Association secretary in Oakland, a position he held for five years. 

In 1898 Pierce was appointed as deputy to Frank C. Jordan, Alameda County Clerk.  After a year serving as judgment clerk, Pierce became Judge Hall's court clerk for the next three years.  Pierce was appointed as John P. Cook's Chief Deputy County Clerk.

George Pierce was the cousin of Oakland Mayor Charles D. Pierce, who was only 26 years old when elected.

For four years Pierce was secretary of the Republican county central committee.

Pierce earned at least the 30th degree of the Scottish Rite as a Mason.