CC SA-BY Our Oakland

These murals are a series of rotating pieces on the side of Glow Glass Studios at 950 - 57th Street/Lowell. The owner of the studios has told a few artists that they can paint on the walls and so artists come by and check in to make sure it's okay, then paint and repaint. The building and fence wraps around onto Lowell in Santa Fe/Gaskill in North Oakland.

In June, 2015, this mural was repainted with the Remembering Emilio Myors Mural.

This wall appears to be lots of members of the VOK crew- Vega, AUSK, Resa, Velos, Ethan, Glam, Enoch?

The bottom left is by ASER BCX.

CC SA-BY Our Oakland

One portion of the fence is by Broke, Yenta and PTV.  

 photo by greenkozi

There is also a big gargoyle with some bats.

CC SA-BY Our Oakland

The portion on this wall is by Alrite (letters spelling Alrite), ASE, Maska STM (hamburglar), and Obstac (the green face in the middle of the wall). There was a Nite Owl on the far right, which has now (August 31, 2014) been replaced by a piece by Planttrees/de pop. Another picture here. Hamburglar alone here. The pieces were added over time. The Obstac piece and letters below it came first.

Alrite, ASE. Maska. Obstac CC SA-BY Our Oakland

Maska STM. CC SA-BY Our Oakland

planttrees. (8/31/14) photo by greenkozidoor, 8/31/14. photo by greenkozigoa dfm, 8/31/14. photo by greenkozifence 8/31/14. photo by greenkozifence 8/31/14. photo by greenkoziIrot. inside the property, 8/31/14. photo by greenkoziASERO BCX. photo by greenkozi

fence 6/9/15 photo CC BY-SA 2.0 by Stephen