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The Greyhound Bus Station in Oakland has been there for decades. If the reviews are to be believed, and to the best of my recollection from riding Greyhound ONCE many, many years ago, unless you are shooting a documentary, it was best to avoid this place! It closed in 2021 and has become even more rundown. Others recall a battered but elegant setting of marble, oak and tile, a real old-school terminal with the huge "BUS" sign visible down 20th Street with the promise of dependable, inexpensive motorcoach travel anywhere important.

In 2021, Greyhound Lines was purchased by FlixSE, the parent of FlixBus.  Currently, both bus lines offer service from the West Oakland BART station to Los AngelesUnion Station on a fairly frequent basis every day. Greyhound formerly operated a premium bus service called Bolt Bus that also operated from the West Oakland BART station..

CC SA-BY Our Oakland


The building was constructed in 1926 for the California Transit Company, an early bus company that eventually became part of Greyhound. The station was designed by Frederic L. Swartz and Columbus Jose Ryland, who were active in Fresno. 1


2103 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, California

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