Harre Wilkins Demoro (July 8, 1939 – March 19, 1993) was an Oakland native and Bay Area newspaperman who covered urban transportation for the San Francisco Chronicle and the Oakland Tribune. He was also the author of 11 (or 12?) books about urban transportation, including the two volume The Key Route: Transbay Commuting by Train and Ferry and was co-author of Special 26: Sacramento Northern. In short, Demoro was not just a railfan, but a transit geek in general.

Demoro was born in Oakland, but grew up in Alameda. He was a graduate of Oakland City College and Cal State Hayward (now Cal State East Bay).

His writing won various awards over the years, including the William F. Knowland Award and the Dave Hope Memorial Award (given by the news staff in memory of the Tribune's late political editor). Demoro was particularly noted for covering BART in its early days.

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1968 Tribune column by Demoro (fair use)