In 2013, the City of Oakland began the process of developing a comprehensive Citywide Public Safety Plan by bringing on Strategic Policy Partners to examine and make recommendations to the City of Oakland and the Oakland Police Department (OPD). As plan recommendations were implemented, OPD underwent major changes.

There will be a series of Town Hall Meetings, one in each Police Area, where you can learn about these transformative changes and provide input on the specific proposed actions contained in the most recent report. Simultaneously, the City will seek commitments from stakeholders and partner organizations on collaborative actions to reduce crime in Oakland.

Meeting Dates, Times and Locations:


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February 22nd:

  • Oakland Local article about the February 22nd meeting here.
  • KTVU story here.
  • From Mayor Quan's newsletter:
  • About 150 gathered at McClymonds High School Saturday, Feb 22 to launch the first of this year's Town Hall meetings, organized by the five Police Areas. The discussion was passionate and reflected a wide range of views.  Many residents expressed appreciation for being involved. The Town Hall meeting focus will continue to look at public safety in a comprehensive manner:
    • Report on how the Oakland Police Reorganization is working to date.  While crime is trending down, how do we improve community policing and collaboration?
    • How can we help our schools?  Discussion about how OUSD is reducing suspensions, programs to improve school attendance and reduce dropouts, and getting every 3rd grader reading at grade level.  Encouraging neighborhood groups to adopt schools. 
    • Improving job opportunities. School to career training. Where are the new jobs in Oakland?  Jobs for the formerly incarcerated and summer jobs for teens are proven to reduce violence.   

      Chief Sean Whent and Superintendent Gary Yee join the Mayor in opening the Town Hall meeting at McClymonds.  


    Participating in a breakout session at the first Town Hall meeting at McClymonds High on February 22