interior of a Pomo dwelling, c.1883, by Henry Raschen 2Fort Ross, by Henry Raschen 3

Henry Raschen (October 2, 1854* – August 24, 1937) was an artist noted for painting native Americans and landscapes.

Raschen was born in Ogdenburg, Germany in 1854, though some sources say 1856. In 1868, he and his family emigrated to Fort Ross; in 1883 he settled in San Francisco. Raschen had at least one daughter, Mary Raschen (Taylor Coburn).

Following the 1906 earthquake, Raschen moved to Oakland. He mostly lived at 1635 - 16th Avenue across from San Antonio Park. 1 The home was moved to Embarcadero Cove in October of 1973, and has been restored for use as professional offices. 4,5,6

Many people collected Raschen's work, including A.K.P. Harmon, Phoebe Hearst, and George C. Perkins. 1

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