The Herman Goelitz Candy Company started in Oregon in 1919, and moved to Oakland in 1922. 2,4, 5 The factory was at 947 - 61st Street.

The company was started by Herman Goelitz, who learned candy making from his father Gustav Goelitz, when he was living in Illinois.

In 1965, the company made a new product, Goelitz Mini Jelly Beans, which were unique in that the center was flavored as well as the outer shell. The company sent some to then California governor Ronald Reagan, who had taken to eating candy as part of his efforts to stop smoking. 1 With the addition of intense, unique flavors and marketing (e.g., selling by the flavor instead of just as a mix), the product (1976) and company (2001) later became known as Jelly Belly.

The Reagan connection helped vault Jelly Belly to national fame. 3.5 tons of Jelly Bellies were shipped to Washington, D.C., for Reagan's inauguration in 1981.

The building at 947 - 61st has had a colorful history since then, and is now known as Jelly Bean Court. 6

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