Hip Hop Heads First Hip Hop Summit, Saturday May 10, 10 am - 3 pm, Oakstop, 1721 Broadway, Ages 13-18

Hip Hop Heads is an Oakland community based organization that strives to foster critical thinking, literacy skills, self-expression, and healing through the lens of hip hop music. While music is the primary focus, H3 utilizes all the elements of hip hop culture - breakdancing, graffiti art, DJing, and MCing - to engage with youth in ways that are relevant and challenging to both their lives and their community. Hip Hop Heads provides site specific workshops where young people use critical thinking, literacy, and analytical skills through the lens of hip hop music to engage academically, emotionally, and therapeutically. Youth are introduced to the poetics of hip hop and participate in various writing activities. Critical thinking and literacy skills are employed when youth engage in lyrical analysis and the deconstruction of themes in order to identify injustice and act with intent to change their lives and their communities.  Featuring workshops with Hip-Hop educators/instructors Cece Carpio, Do Dat, Rashidi Omari  and Today's Future Sound. Live performance from T-Ran. Lunch provided.

Event Page here or Info: hiphopheadsoakland.org