This Historic Oakland Businesses page could automatically list businesses from by-gone eras, which we could tag by periods, such as in 50, 30, or 20 years periods, e.g., '1850 - 1900' '1900 - 1930' 1930 - 1950' etc., or by decades in business, such as tagging e.g., '1870' '1920' 1960' ... we already have many historic business entries on Oakland Wiki, but just as we are trying to organize restaurants, architects, landmarks, etc., it might be good to also have one page that people could go to for historical research or are just curious as to what was in their neighborhood, district, city in past years.  It wouldn't really be any extra work, other than us agreeing on how to categorize the tags, then just adding one, or two more tags in each historic business entry.  Thoughts/suggestions?  JL

i think it's a great idea. however- the tagging system as it stands only works by tagging ONE thing- we can tag all historic businesses "historic business" and have them show here. or we can get fancy/complicated and tag 1920s business or so on, but this seems pretty involved, as our old buildings are getting. -gk