Hopkins Academy was located on Plymouth Avenue between Telegraph Avenue and Broadway, in Oakland, and with the carriage entrance at the head of Webster Street.  The school was described as for "Students fitted for college and for business life."  The school was accessible from both Telegraph Avenue, or Browadway and Piedmont lines of street cars.

In 1887 Rev. H. E. Jewett was the Principal of the school.

Joseph R. Knowland attended Hopkins Academy.

there's no current plymouth avenue. plymouth street is a deep east street. any idea where this school might have been?

The 1887 Oakland Directory states "Plymouth Avenue was between Hawthorne Avenue & Edwards, from Telegraph Avenue easterly to city boundary.

crazy! edwards is now also much further east although not by plymouth- plymouth is in the flats, edwards is on the hill by 580.

Yes, the Edwards of today is no where near Telegraph and Broadway, where the Hopkins Academy was located.  I was picturing it to be somewhere in North Oakland, in perhaps what is now Rockridge.  BTW, in 1887 "Edwards was between Plymouth Avenue and 36th, from Telegraph Avenue easterly to city boundary."

it's fascinating to think that the streets/street names have actually moved. obviously a discussion for another page, but for now just food for thought...

Question:  What is at this location now?

Answer: Freeway. You can find Telegraph, Edwards and Plymouth on the 1887 map, near Telegraph and 35th/36th where the 980/580/24 interchange now is.

Re: streets and street names moving, don't forget that Oakland annexed a number of towns that had existing, sometimes conflicting street names. They tended to keep the ones in the older parts of Oakland, except where they could fill in numbered streets or avenues.