Girard House on right, 1896 Illustrated Directory

The Hotel Vendome was a small hotel at 955½ Washington Street. It first opened in January 1878 as the Occidental House, with Mrs. O.H. Tufts, proprietor. 1,2 It was later renamed Girard House.

When it opened, a brief article in the Tribune described it as the first four-story building constructed in Oakland, 2 which may have made it the tallest building in Oakland at the time.

1889 Sanborn excerpt

By 1884, it had been renamed Girard House, with A.C. Newman proprietor. 4 In 1898, it was renamed the Hotel Vendome, with N., L.S.L., and C.B. Pfister, proprietors. 5

In 1940, it was deconstructed along with the adjacent Brunswick Hotel to make way for expansion of the 10th Street Market (later known as Swan's.)

c.1930 61940 3

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