Yes, you can edit any entry! No edit is too big and no edit is too small.

To get started, first search for the topic that you would like to add to (ex. Temescal).

If there is an exact match, click the link to view the entry and hit the "Edit" button next to the title. (If there is no exact match, you will find a button to "Create this page.")


Edit a Page


When you edit an article, it looks almost the same as the final version of the article!

1. Click on the "Edit" button right next to the page's name on top:

2. Just start typing as if you were using a word processing program. The editing screen looks just like the regular screen (check out the screenshot on the right)


5. When you're done, click the   button at the very bottom of the page.

Create a Page


What happens when you search for a page and the entry doesn’t exist yet? You can create an entry!

Click on "Create this page" to enter editing mode for your new page.  You can edit this page just like any other page. Make sure to hit "Save changes" when you're done!



Advanced Features & More Help


Check out the LocalWiki Guide for more help and instructions on creating links, adding tags, and using the excellent mapping tools.