Illegal Dumping is .insert commentary here... (rampant) in Oakland.

You can also do stuff about it:

  1. Bring it to a transfer station, like Davis Street (510)638-2303
  2. Make a bulk waste appointment, WMAC (510)613-8710
  3. Use the Household Hazardous Waste drop-off for paints, cleaners, batteries, auto fluids. 
  4. Find information on reuse and recycling.
  5. Keep Oakland clean and beautiful
  6. Check out information on e-waste recycling.

One of the issues is that, while homeowners are entitled to one pickup per year, included in their Waste Management fee, renters in buildings of 2-4 units must schedule the pickup through their landlords. Renters in buildings of more than 5 units are now entitled to a bulky pickup totally 1.5 cubic yards per  year. (See Oakland's policy here.) Bulky waste pickups do not include items over 75 pounds, hazardous waste or rocks, dirt or concrete. (see what it does include and what you can do with e-waste.)

New Laws about Illegal Dumping

On 24 September 2013 the Public Works Committee of City Council considered an ordinance sponsored by Councilwoman Lynette McElhaney and City Attorney Barbara Parker. Under the ordinance, dumping is considered a misdemeanor and dumping a mattress could be fineable up to $1,000. Read the press release about the ordinance here.

The ordinances are here. View Supplemental Report (11).pdf View Report (35).pdf

The ordinance will go to full Council October 1st.

Ways to Report Illegal Dumping

  • Download and use the mobile app SeeClickFix to instantly send location and photos (This seems to be the fastest way to get dumping removed)
  • File a report online through the City of Oakland Public Works Agency
  • Call the City of Oakland Public Works Agency Call Center at (510) 615-5566
  • If dumping is in-progress, call the Oakland Police Department at (510) 777-3333

If possible, try to obtain photos and the license plate numbers of vehicles being used.  This information will help prosecutors identify and charge offenders.

Tips for Reporting Illegal Dumping

  • Photos of vehicle license plates are ideal.  If a photo is not available, write down the license plate number.
  • Include time, date and location.
  • Include your contact info - the city must contact you to verify evidence.
  • More information is always better - photos of company names or logos on vehicles involved in dumping may be helpful.
  • Avoid confrontation when documenting illegal dumping incidents.

"Converting Oakland's Waste Into Dialogue"

At December's First Friday (December 6, 6-9pm), 2013, there will be an art show at Uptown Body & Fender (401 26th Street) called "Converting Oakland's Waste Into Dialogue." The exhibition will feature works by Alicia Escott, Jeff Hantman, Brian King and Githingi Mbire. Read about it here


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