These pages have at least one uncredited picture on them. if you took them or added them, go ahead and take credit or add credit! If you added them and they're not yours, please make sure that they are usable under OaklandWiki's copyright policies (cc-3.0). If you know the owner of the image, it would be awesome to contact them and see if we can use the images and then mark appropriately.

Even better, it would be great to take your picture and replace the existing image with one that can be used under a creative commons license. For more information about copyright, check here.

Some good places to check for already existing images online under creative commons are Flickr, either by searching for pictures tagged as usable under CC or using their commons database, and Wikimedia Commons. You can also do a google image search and edit the search for pictures tagged for reuse.

Many historical images are available at the Oakland History Room. The librarians there are very helpful and can help you find whatever you're looking for. If you use an image from the OHR, they've asked that you caption it ""Courtesy Oakland History Room, Oakland Public Library." This is a great resource!


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