Israel Kahn (1822–November 17, 1883) was the founder of Kahn's Department Store.

Kahn was born in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1822.

Kahn married Sarah Bauer (Kahn) (1828–September 15, 1888) of Vogelsbergkreis, Germany. They had at least three (6, 7, 8 or even 9) children: Solomon Kahn (February, 1859–July 14, 1910), John Kahn (April 28, 1861–March 20, 1919) and Bertha Kahn (Elkus) (November 26, 1863–September 26. 1938).

Death and Burial

Kahn died in 1883, and is buried along with Sarah in the Home of Eternity Cemetery adjacent to Mountain View Cemetery. Solomon died in the Netherlands but is also buried in Home of Eternity (maybe Mt. View).

Bertha and her husband Albert Elkus (August 17, 1857–May 17, 1949) and their sons Albert Israel Elkus (April 30, 1884–February 18, 1962) and Frederic K. Elkus (Nov. 3, 1888–November 23, 1946) lived in Sacramento, but are buried nearby.

Kahn grave
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