The J.J. Krieg Company was a men's clothing store. One of the buildings still stands at 3334 International Blvd.

John Joseph Krieg (July 27, 1876 – October 24, 1957) was born in Germany to Engelbert Krieg and Alberta Steinwachs (Krieg). The family moved to Alameda in 1889, where the parents were involved in the laundry business. Engelbert Krieg was one of the organizers of St. Elizabeth ChurchJ.J. attended schools in Alameda, then took a commercial course in Heald's Business College. He was active in the Young Men's Institute, a Catholic fraternal organization which was founded in San Francisco in 1883.

Along with Joseph Halton, on April 1, 1906, J.J opened Halton and Krieg, a cigar store, in Alameda. They then started a men's clothing business which was successful, so he opened a second store in Oakland. The original store was on the southwest corner of Fruitvale and East 14th (now International). By 1935 the store had been moved to the namesake building on the corner of 34th Avenue. Krieg and Halton sponsored a baseball team in the Alameda city leagues c.1908-1913. 2

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