Joaquin Silveira 1

Joaquin A. Silveira (October 17, 1873 – May 2, 1947) was the founder of American Creamery. Later he was president of the Oakland branch of the Portuguese-American Bank.

In 1934 he was awarded the Military Order of Christ by the Portuguese government for his public service and philanthropic efforts on behalf of Portuguese-Americans. 1 Silveira was active in the I.D.E.S. Society, U.P.E.C., Scottish Rite Masons, and the Chamber of Commerce. 4

The family lived in the palatial home at 4800 Park Blvd. for many years. 2,4

Silveira died at home May 2, 1947, after a brief illness. 4 Joaquin and his first wife Mary are interred in Mountain View Cemetery, Main Mausoleum, Section 6, 503, T2. 3

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