John Hudson Thomas (1878 - 1945) was a prominent Bay Area architect who actively participated in the massive East Bay residential expansion following the devastating 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire.  Between 1907 and 1910 Thomas collaborated with architect George T. Ploman on at least 50 homes, most of which were Craftsman in style.

After the dissolution of the partnership, Thomas went on to design Locke House, during the period considered to be his most creative.

There are apparently eleven documented homes in Oakland designed by John Hudson Thomas.   The Rockridge houses for the Fageol and Majors families have no address, suggesting they were destroyed in the 1991 Oakland fire.  This makes sense for the Fageol house, which is described as being located on hard-hit Alpine Terrace, but it is not currently known where the Majors house was located.

List of Oakland properties designed by John Hudson Thomas (listed by year)

  1. [Unknown], (997 Vermont) 1908
  2. [Unknown], (842 Santa Ray Avenue) 1910
  3. W. L. Locke, (3911 Harrison Street) 1911
  4. Johannsen, (5000 Manila Avenue) 1911
  5. L. H. Jeffress, (605 Mira Vista Avenue) 1911
  6. John F. Conners, (1012 Ashmount Avenue) 1912
  7. Dow, (820 Calmar Avenue) 1912
  8. Jackson, (1121 Mandana Boulevard) 1914
  9. H. A. Haehl, (1680 Bryant Street) 1914
  10. Cherry, (5950 Cross Road) 1915
  11. [Unknown], 4281 (Lakeshore Avenue) 1915
  12. Ella R. and Turrell Hamlin, (6421 Benvenue Avenue) 1916
  13. Ralph Fageol, (Rockridge) 1918?
  14. E. A. Majors, (Rockridge) 1918?
  15. Bourne & Melvin, (6007 Majestic Avenue) 1928

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