The Judson Manufacturing Company was founded in 1882 by Egbert Putnam Judson (Aug. 9,1812–Jan. 9, 1893) who was an inventor and and manufacturer of explosives. The business, which had operations in Oakland and Emeryville, California, was comprised of a complete bridge and structural steel shop, machine shop, foundry and pattern shop, as well as nuts and bolts shops.

George J. Ainsworth was one of the Trustees of the Judson Manufacturing Company in the 1880's.

Henry Bothin (?-1923) was the president of the Judson Manufacturing Company in __. He was a business associate of Anthony Chabot who was involved in the company. Some time after Anthony Chabot's death, his daughter Nellie surprised everyone and married 55-year old Henry. 2

Judson Manufacturing Company, Oakland, California (1917) 1

The Oakland Public Library caption on the above photo states "Judson Manufacturing Company, foot of Park Avenue. This concern is expanding tremendously. $200,000 to be expended in new building and machinery. Has the only open hearth furnace in the East Bay Cities. Employs 600 men."

It shut down suddenly in 1986, with no warning to the workers. 3

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