KGO-AM (810 kHz AM) is one of the oldest radio stations in the area, as evidenced by its three letter call sign.

Tech stuff

The studio is located in San Francisco.

The transmitter itself is located in a salt pond owned by Cargill in Newark on the eastern end of the Dumbarton bridge.  KGO-AM is a clear channel station, meaning that the transmitter is allowed to operate at 50 kW of power, day and night. In contrast, normal AM radio stations have to reduce their power or go off air at night to prevent interference with other stations. The antenna array is aimed north and south, allowing much of the west coast to pick up the transmitter's signal on a good night.

The transmitter site is pretty much optimal for an AM radio station. Transmitter sites need a relatively conductive ground plane. A salt pond is about as conductive as you'll find in nature.

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