KQED posted an article called "A San Franciscan’s Guide to Living in Oakland" on November 19, 2013. The article, written by Serena Cole for KQED's POP blog, made a lot of people mad (noted). They subsequently posted followups/responses and apologized on twitter. Initially, the article was edited to remove the most controversial text of the story (see below), but as of November 21, 2013, the article was taken down from the blog. 

Here is a screenshot of the KQED article on Oakland as it originally appeared. 

A San Franciscan’s Guide...pdf

A cached version of the unedited article still contained the most controversial text of the article that caused the initial backlash. The cache has since been updated:

Don’t Be Scared

The only rule to living here is to find where to go and not to go. The places I am going to take you on a tour through will label me as “bougie” by Oakland standards, but I don’t think there is anything elitist about coming home in one piece. So stay out of East Oakland and West Oakland. That doesn’t sound like it leaves much, but it does. Trust me, my friends have been violently mugged in East Oakland and had the same house robbed three times in West Oakland. But be my guest if you want to go to either for ‘cool points.



Eric Arnold of Oakland Local published a long response to the article on November 22, 2013, where he shared the views of Oaklanders who were angered about the post, including comment from pols Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and District 3 Council-person Lynette Gibson McElhaney.  

One blogger's response.