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"King" Louis Herbert Narcisse (April 27, 1921 – February 3, 1989) was a religious leader and the founder of the Mt. Zion Spiritual Temple, as well as gospel minister, vocalist, musician, and composer. 1

Narcisse lived at 760 Calmar Avenue in a large, pink house known as the "Pink Palace". As of 2015, the house was still painted pink, and the word 'Palace' can be seen above the door. He had an executive secretary, a private secretary, nurse, chauffer, and two housekeepers. 2 He had two Rolls Royce limousines, one black and one red. 3 He was also given a custom-made, gilded Cadillac Seville, only one of three made. 4

Death and Burial

The King died at his mansion in Detroit, MI, and the body was flown back to Oakland for a lavish funeral at the Kaiser Convention Center. 5 "Decked in a floor-length, fur-trimmed red brocade cape, with white satin robes, pearl-encrusted miter and gold-mesh cowboy boots, The King looked resplendent." His remains were interred at Rolling Hills Memorial Park in Richmond, CA. 4

The church building in West Oakland burned in 2004. 6

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