Kingsley Wightman, Chabot Observatory & Science Center (1983) 1

Kingsley Wightman (February 13, 1916 – July 5, 2007) was a beloved, much respected astronomer at Oakland’s Chabot Observatory (since 2000, the Chabot Observatory and Science Center) from 1948 to 1994. After many years of acting as de facto director before there was such a position, Wightman also served officially as the institution’s director from 1976–89.

When officials wanted to close Chabot because of budget, Wightman lobbied to keep it open. He organized parents and teachers, and laid the groundwork for alternate funding. When they cut funding for his position, he worked without pay for 10 years. 2

Generations of Oaklanders who may recall little else of their school days will always remember field trips to the old Chabot Observatory, where this tall, unfailingly polite, lab-coat-clad character conducted his unforgettable demonstrations (usually involving at least one explosion), for 46 years. Before that, Mr. Wightman had been an elementary and junior high math and science teacher at Lowell Junior High School (now KIZMET Academy/West Oakland Middle School). He had a degree in Education from Berkeley.

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The tall man some years later, with rockets 2

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