Clinica de la Raza mural in 1977 created by Artist Zalas Nevel.

getting touched up in November, 2014. photo by greenkoziall shiny. December, 2014. photo by greenkoziwhole thing touched up. Dec, 2014. photo by greenkozi

closeup from 2007 CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by Richard Lemarchand


La Clinica de la Raza mural is a mural in the Fruitvale district on the corner of Fruitvale Ave and East 16th St. located on the wall of the Dental Clinic of La Clinica de la Raza

The mural was done in 1977 by the late artist Raymundo (Zalas) Nevel. The original mural depicted scenes of the Chicano movement of the era and of the indigenous ancestors. The original mural got old and faded over the years. Zalas Nevel's daughter Xochitl Nevel Guerrero was asked to make a new mural in the late 90's. A new mural was made and is still there.