How to Patch Your Bike Tube

Date: April 12, 2014

Start Time:2:00 pm
End Time: 3:30 pm

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Description: Patching a tube is much less expensive than buying a new tube every time you have a flat on your bicycle, but you have to have the right tools and knowledge to effectively execute a permanent patch.  Come learn everything you need to know to patch your bike tube.  Get hands-on practice in a calm and stress free environment before you need to DIY in the real world.  Or, if you already have a flat, bring it in and we can work on it. Sign up early: the first ten people get a free patch kit!

The class fee is $10.

About the teacher: Chris Roncal has been a car-free bike commuter since 2008. He currently has five patches on his two wheels.

RPS Collective
2278 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, California
United States
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