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Code for Oakland 2012 OaklandWiki Project Team

Notes from Content/Outreach Oakland Wiki team at Code for Oakland:

meetings: wednesday nights ok. every other week. this wednesday. youth uprising can always host.

Specific use discussions

Wiki as a neighborhood organizing platform:

currently east oakland is not listed. east oakland should be one of the communities. castlemont community census tract survey already conducted. high school has drop out rate of 60% rate. 30% of newborns are in poverty. focus on census tract allows for 100% penetration. 4500 in census tract. community engagement project with youth this summer. thinking about agriculture, development. this week, doing a needs-assessment survey in the community. after the survey we need to have conversations with the community, house meetings, develop needs of community. platform for organization and for unified political power to leverage with the city. have people start blogging and documenting the things in their neighborhood.

Wiki as a writing tool:

vernacular - language barriers. oaklandwiki as a writing tool??? type of language can be determined by the community that takes ownership of the section. CLASS: how to write for a wiki? kids writing papers and posting them to wiki!!! "i saw this in my community" and where to report it and make it public. **public dumping is a huge issue in castlemont. doing adopt a block. connect with "see click fix." incorporate snapshot of seeclickfix into the street page on the wiki.

Directory Discussion:

lack of info on resources. parents who didn't know what was available within the community. looking for better resource directory. 211 directory is available. it's not open data. most schools don't have social workers (just counseling interns). THEN map out where the resources are, is it equitable, etc. BUT 211 is proprietary. oaklandreads. 211 might go open source? urban strategies council has their own database for reentry after parole. website + also smartphone app. if 211 gets opened, can integrate it into an app. real work is to go to pta meetings, staff meetings, promote the resource.

library service desk gives resource referral. years ago, had a database, but it was smaller and it was hard to keep it up to date. librarians have updated rolodexes - can be added to the wiki. the wiki can help keep track of ongoing changes and make edits.

how to bring mini directories that each org has into one source? how to tap the networks that have their own networks to put everything into one place? oaklandwiki as neutral ground.

people list events. show upcoming events in neighborhood (incl. contact).

events directory linked to eventbrite, make a map. link to venue pages on wiki.

how can oaklandwiki be used to navigate city government?

how can we partner with the city? the city struggles with maintaining content. youth services and senior services. these are outdated directories (no funds or resources to maintain). need people to verify. platform for adding to that. the data set is on the code for oakland - can we import that in? turn it into a map. (how to integrate different sources.) arts directory (out of date). PUBLIC ART DATABASE (have locations for the art: on oakland data site) can use a bike photo tour. (merge with oakland mural website: desi womb, sam shephard). 

give teenagers things to do this summer? list of resources.

walking tours directory - official and unofficial, let people make their own....document and create map route for the tour. QR codes.

Jean Quan: chart history of movement of the chinese and african american community, movement of whites out, now movement of people in.

Oakland History Room Discussion:

the information that's available at the oakland history room - we use the wiki, but it brings people back into the oakland history room. it drives traffic to the oakland history room. and all that the library has to provide is space and archive.

- digitize displays: multimedia of current display (and previous displays), links to additional primary documents relating to the display, and other way around have current wiki pages direct to the materials from the display.

Specific content suggestions:

local bands page!

employment resources, esp contacts.  people are reluctant to list an individual contact for their business (only want to list a site). how do we get people to be open with their data. many nonprofits in oakland are disconnected, have strong EDs, reluctant to share information, territorial, competing for dollars. this is a challenge to overcome. they all want to serve youth.

PHOTOVOICE (youth uprising) youth take photos and create narratives around something in their neighborhood. have them from the last video of the walking tours. integrate into charted routes on the maps.

walking tours directory - official and unofficial, let people make their own....document and create map route for the tour. QR codes.


Content Generation Discussion

Content scraping:

will: strategy for content: existing content we can scrape. identifying communities of content producers. coding disparaties by neighborhood. can make a great visualization. can build anything in east oakland (apartments) but no apartments can be built in rockridge - how to incorporate into wiki.

identifying sources for scraping to easily populate basic entries such as firstfive got grant to develop resource directory for all childrens' services from birth to 8. kris. they are opensource. they will host it on their own service, not looking to have it inside oaklandwiki, but can be scraped.

challenges regarding integrating existing data sources (ie, how to populate basic pages such as "businesses based in oakland")

211 is not available via website. it's a private database.

Importance of SEO and making wiki content visible:

how to make sure that the content is accessible and visible and not just sitting on some page. with so many people who are involved, we can make a strong web presence (SEO).

yelp for nonprofits. a way for people to give feedback? tips and suggestions.

External applications or services to potentially integration:

mapbox integrating into localwiki.

neighborhow (open mapping for oakland interested citizens section? could just live on the wiki...)

blog/commenting functionality?

see click fix

calendar for events



Architecture discussion:

oaklandwiki interface,portal,homepage for different communities: the business-owner homepage (local business news, new pages, eventbrite). the children's homepage (things to do for children, education resources, sports, etc.).

templates needed: neighborhood, asset mapping/geographic reporting, landmark templates, block, building, 

filters/different sorting mechanisms: most popular, logical category, alpha,

Outreach Discussion

info sessions with key communities - library, neighborhoods.

main stakeholders/users: organizations, businesses, youth, press - wanting to write about or research oakland, jobseekers/service seekers, residents who want to be involved in their own community. further identification of key stakeholders, users/potential contributors needed.

community ambassadors - people who connect and teach tech to new communities (different type of person for existing communities/networks?) toolkit. instructions/tookit as well for people who are not techie. ambassadors to new networks that we are not already part of - how to do this? possible activities that include non-techie people.

identification of categories/site architecture/ => theme-specific edit parties.

councilmember can do edit parties for different neighborhoods she represents has access to all neighborhood leaders and organizations. (or using ambassador for, ex, for art murmur). basic structure: places, programs, people, 

badge to motivate people to participate?

how to engage with different language communities - both out (translation services) and in - how to incorporate?

bike parties!!! can be done with block by block - incorporate with census-by-census organization. how to incorporate oral histories.

charlie: journalist doing radio stories and writing about oakland. wants to use oaklandwiki.

tour of youth uprising?

once a month meetups to get people involved and interface with people working on services on their own that we can integrate and collaborate.

document how we're coming up with ideas to create a new localwiki.

10,000 steps site? sue mark

dennis evanowski: local historian, may be willing to be filmed? he does walking tours, unofficial walking tour.

walking tours directory - official and unofficial, let people make their own....document and create map route for the tour. QR codes.

are there best practices for writing pages? contact info, guidelines, templates, something to send people. user template page needs to be created - can do tags for users and show at bottom of say neighborhood page "these are people who are tagged with this neighborhood."

libraries with hackerspaces in them: tennessee?

how to make this the central resource? the default resource.

Action Items and priorities:

- create audit of existing directory services (access level? how old? source?)

- neighborhood pages

- calendar for next meeting, meet at OPL? (fruitvale community rooms are open, YUP has space, tech liminal, sudoroom)

- begin planning edit parties and/or bike group and/or first community outreach trial

outline of presentation at code for oakland:

- oaklandwiki is a website about oakland that anyone can edit. our goal for today was to work on technical issues and content/outreach

- goal of the content half was 1) introducing the project 2) getting people involved 3) finding their interests, networks and communities, and how they'd like to be involved 4) begin to plan for the future: ongoing meetings, strategies for content generation and strategies for outreach.

- what we've accomplished: 1) met a bunch of fantastic people with interests that vary across a variety of communities and areas including youth involvement, neighborhood-by-neighborhood activism, resources for jobseekers, oakland history digitization, and mapping of all kinds 2) a major project we hope to work on is the dream resource directory for all of oakland. we are excited to partner with city employees to identify existing directories, their limitations, how we can integrate them into oaklandwiki, and build on them. 3) oaklandwiki as a platform for neighborhood knowledge and self-organization 4) began to investigate a site architecture and taxonomy for topics

- future activities: we plan to keep in touch with all of our new people via mailing list and regular meetings, group bike photo outings (take a saturday afternoon to meet downtown armed with bikes and cameras, fan out across the city and take photos of key landmarks, public art, important historical buildings. use photos to populate wiki pages for these locations.)