Lower Dimond is the small part of the Dimond District between 580 and MacArthur Blvd. The left/right or north/south boundaries are the same. The 580/MacArthur distinctions are kind of important because lots of people in Oakland think of these two thoroughfares as important dividers and in Dimond, they're split by a few blocks that make up Lower Dimond.

Some of the Dimond shopping area falls into this neighborhood and includes the new Farmer Joe's, a couple of bars, 2 Star Market, Romano's pizza, a very popular Peet's. The library, rec center and Dimond Park technically fall outside of Lower Dimond since they are above the magic line of MacArthur Blvd. So does Favor Brigade, the new ice cream place. The Oaklandish store opening in November, 2013, falls in Lower Dimond.

(Is the name "Lower Dimond" anything other than a real estate agent construct?  Do people really use this name?  That is to say, do people not influenced by real estate agents really use this name?  If forced to identify "Lower Dimond", I would say that it is the area on the other side of 580 down to at least Brookdale or so.  Not trying to be a neighborhood nazi, but I don't think that the OaklandWiki should foster an over-granulization of Oakland neighborhoods.) // it is, i live here. it may have been constructed by real estate agents, but it's here now. -gk  //

It's an interesting phenomenon: Greenstreets names get picked up somehow by Google, real estate folks pick up the neighborhood names from Google, new residents pick up the names from their real estate agents, and, presto!, previously virtual neighborhoods are birthed into actual existence.  There's a Masters' Thesis in there somewhere waiting to be written.

Further up MacArthur and on the edge of where Upper and Lower Dimonds meet there's Creature Comfort, the holistic vet and Loard's, the long time ice cream parlor.

Named after Hugh Dimond, who came to California during the Gold Rush and purchased the land in 1867.

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