Masjid Al-Islam is a Muslim place of worship located at 8210 MacArthur Blvd.

This is small neighborhood masjid which has seen better days and is currently financially struggling. But aren't most houses of worship always struggling?

It has space for about 50 to 100 people. Both men and women to pray without a partition between them. There is an optional prayer area for women who wish to pray behind a barrier.

All daily prayers are performed here, BUT the masjid is not always automatically open.

If it's closed, ask one of the neighbors for a key to the front door. The school up the street also has a key if you go up and ask. Even the liquor store owner nearby has a key.

It's understood by the immediate community to just leave people alone who have come to simply pray here, so there isn't much interaction with outsiders.

Despite its visual wear and tear, this remains a community institution for this small congregation.

In the past the congregation has hosted Feed The Needy Days for area residents who need this service.

The community is diverse. The Friday Prayer services are in English.

During Ramadan, don't expect a big Iftar experience at sunset. The nightly Taraweeh prayers are completed quickly and are sparsely attended.