August 22, 2012 OaklandWiki Meeting Notes

Youth Portal:

Partnership with Youth UpRising -

Currently updating

    - how do the youth get assigned to the project? is there an incentive to complete or are there performance metrics?

    - If we have a project for the youth that requires external supervision, Dennis has time available!

    - Need to find details on availability of youth during after school hours once the school year starts

    - Need to touch base with OPL to move forward on the archive digitization project.

    - make a page outlining the "wikifying the youth services directory" project. <= Done!

Related: Possible opportunity to work with youth who are part of First Place for Youth -


Oakland Wiki and education

- oakland wiki as a social media platform. people can produce content and perform social media work to put on their resume

- contact organizations listed on the social service directories that don't have a web presence and offer oaklandwiki as a site hosting service

    - adapt youth uprising training document to create a how-to manual for non-profits on how to fill out their own entries.

        - in addition to instructions, would videos or other forms of instruction/documentation be useful? if so, what kinds of additional materials would be most useful?

    - make a list of adult computer literacy/education/job training (dennis can probably help identify people who might be on a list like this), and come up with a sample curriculum (angle is "how will this help someone find a job")

   - education portal - what you can do if you're an educator

            - assignments/activities. the wiki as an education tool.


Discussion of link structure and hierarchy on the front page

    - looking at other localwikis, common front page taxonomy strategies include:

        - "logical" taxonomies with, for example, "farmers markets" within "food"

        - taxonomies based on what people may be most likely to be interested in or want to access, so "food" and "farmers markets" may both be on the main page as they are both popular items that users would want ready access to.

    - instead of list of neighborhoods to the left, have a map

    - instead of just links to page categories, have little icons next to each category (same as the person who made the favicon?)

    - search box at the top - do people come to search or browse?

    - is "I want to make a page about" intuitive or desirable?

        - this may be desirable until we fill out the wiki

        - but may be a turnoff for people who just want to find info

        - can we have both? one on left and one on right.

        - headers (page categories, neighborhoods) are not necessarily intuitive

            - events, for example. events capability in daviswiki is more robust and people on daviswiki don't want to move to localwiki until the events feature on localwiki is more robust.


Redesign of homepage

    - like big banner, encourages scrolling down

    - two use cases for the homepage:

        + New user creates content, or edits content (idea being we need to make content and editors to add more content)

        + New user utilizes geographic data to discover content (e.g. map to neighborhoods)

        + New user browses data based on categories, content type, portal, etc.


Favicon - status?

    - re-email the thread


Code for oakland's to-do list includes making an oaklandwiki page for every code for oakland project


- Jobs portal

    - dennis is interested 

    - what would it look like? features?


Strategies for broadening the base of contributors


 - encouraging user account creation as a way to unearth organizers

        - tap members of the community (like max ogden) who can reach out to people who are already in the community and may be interested in becoming strategizers

 - bike tours

        - would it be successful without existing participants/enthusiasts?

        - invite east bay bike party and get in touch with east bay bicycle coalition - find out what they want and what their users want. get dwild on board

- oakland wiki enthusiasts acting as ambassadors to organizations/groups that are part of their existing communities/organizations

    - get people who are already part of the community to reach out to their networks.

    - how to identify organizers who are in particular communities?

        - reach out to hackathon participants and ask them what communities they are part of and who they might be interested in reaching out to. can even write an invitation.

        - email oakland wiki list and ask folks what communities they feel like they would be interested in reaching out to

         - important to identify why a particular community/organization would use oaklandwiki

         - directory of organizations relating to code for oakland?

         - contact diy education facebook group:

         - neighborhood associations

        - city of oakland has list of community groups


oaklandwiki as platform for people/organizations that are marginalized from having existing web presences

    talking points

        - this is an alternative to twitter/facebook: they're all too corporate

        - hyper-fucking-local

        - easy to create web presence that's not based on time

        - nurtures community (get some early people on board to show existing community to others)



list of communities to reach out to:

    - food trucks

    - artists

    - youth entrepreneurs

    - first friday events in oakland

    - informal/home events: ex: backyard brunch, vegan pizza wednesdays

    - informal trade networks: book exchange on piedmont

    - music: 

        - punk:

        - hip hop

        - Hierogliphics Day event for Labor day:

    - food justice groups

        - people's grocery

        - planting justice

    - breakdancing battle at art murmur

    - hiphop battle at art murmur

    - neighborhood associations

    - ethnic groups

    - cooperative houses

    - turfing community?

    - platform for neighborhood-based organizing


- reach out to oaklandlocal


- calendar feature?

    - in development


- front page should have profiles of people who edit

    - "edit superstars"

    - existing "people" page has limitations:


- build out "yelp" functionality

    - check out neighborland: dan the bike man recced oaklandwiki

        - dan woloz and mike linksvayer  [Mike Linksvayer] [Dan Woloz]

    - stickers 


- meetings where we edit content

    - edit parties

    - informal food people: come to a food editing party! network with other food people and bring food!

    - music community


- have a booth at art murmur or other events?


who is the user and what do they want?

    - add analytics

    - add user feedback mechanisms

        - olympia wiki has survey on what people want from the site

        - feedback form



- create page for mapping-interested oaklandwiki parties.

- City has data on where money is spent. is there a mapping possibility?

    - oaklandwiki is available for mapping. but it might not be the best for hosting data.

- More mapping resources: