Team OaklandWiki Geographers

Need a nice fatty hella epic photo for the front page.

  • Suggestion: use photosynth?

Bike Parties

  • Victoria is interested in organizing bike parties! If you would like to help organize a bike party, please email the list!
  • Bike party tasks:
    • Set a date
    • make an invite page, publicize, etc.
    • Pick a theme/split the map into sections that we can assign to people
    • Instructions? What should people take pictures of? What defines a landmark?
    • pick an app/service - ushahidi?
    • have everyone meet back up at sudo or other location where we will all upload the photos and have food. (*will also need instructions for how will people note what they're taking pictures of and where it is and easy instructions for uploading photos to wikimedia for people who have to leave!) **can also use

Oakland Public Library

  • Met with very cool youth librarians at the Teen Zone in the main branch of OPL.
  • They are enthusiastic about Oakland Wiki and have their own directories!
  • They will have an intern and are interested in possibly having the intern work on Oakland Wiki content.
  • They are flexible about hosting events - if any of us wanted to have an event at a Teen Zone in OPL, we can contact Brian!
  • ***They have a monthly meeting for all Teen Zone librarians. This month's meeting is the morning of Sept. 21st. Would anyone like to attend and chat about Oakland Wiki? Super casual! (Time would be at 9AM sharp or 10:30AM.

OPL Youth Leadership Council

  • Gave a presentation on OakWiki at the monthly (third Sat. of every month) meeting of the OPL Youth Leadership Council.
  • All of the youth were super interested in Oak Wiki and want to be more involved! We even got one youth who is interested in joining the Dev team.
  • They would like us to come back and do a workshop on editing the wiki and brainstorming how to build the Youth Portal - may need a volunteer to do this!
  • One of the youth is involved with Youth Radio and would like to do a piece on OakWiki! YAY!