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Vicky, Lani, Mike, Julio

Digital Divide meeting: Dennis, Marina, Ivan, Tonya, Jenny


  • Review previous week meeting notes
  • Books?
  • How do you explain Oakland Wiki?
    • Marina gives a pitch: what do you work on at Sudo Room? >>> Oakland Wiki!!!
    • One of the websites is Oakland wiki is a website that is all about Oakland, but 
    • People can learn about the community and share what they know.  Anyone can edit it
    • Your favorite pizza place: 
    • Yelp won't have the whole history of the family
    • Can people delete stuff too if they don't want it
    • One of the cool things is that you can always see the history of a page
    • If someone sees something that isn't correct, they can revert the page
    • There's a great community of people collaborating
    • If you want to quickly learn what is happening 
    • Recent Changes: all the pages that have been changed in reverse chronological order
    • GreenKozi: one of our users 
    • Maps: Every entry comes with a map; so you can 
    • Tags: Every page can have multiple tags
    • Maps and Tags, you can map 
    • If it's not tagged, you can see if it already exists >>> Search
    • If it doesn't exist, your search you can create a page
    • And it's WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get: so you don't have to learn any weird code, like wikipedia
  • Common questions:
    • Why not wikipedia? There's a lot of information about the community that is not encyclopedic: Health Care without Health Insurance. Also, there's a lot of colloquial knowledge, and information that is difficult to source.  We, as community, get to determine what guidelines
    • What happens if people put "bad things" on the wiki?  Technical solution: you can see all the edits and reverts to all the edits; People solution: good group of people collaborating and keeping the information in check; Oakland Pride: Oakland as a community has not had a chance to define itself internally, but more externally, and people are bursting at the seems to correct the external definitions of Oakland.
  • Vicky is representing Oakland Wiki at Oakland Nights Live! Maybe Marina will join?
  • Peralta Hacienda event on Saturday 20 April 10am-3pm
    • Lead: Dennis
    • Tentative: Vicky, Marina, Julio, Lauren
  • Oakland Local
    • First Tuesday of the month
    • Innagural entry be the pitch (Marina)
  • MLK Editathon
    • Ivan coordinating May event
  • Cinco de Mayo Taco Conf (5 May)
    • Walk/Bike/Drive to various taco trucks in Oakland
    • History of tacos, etc, photos
  • Audio Oral Histories
    • Dennis/Marina: Organize first audio interview in Sudo Radio >>> Stan (Robinson?)  Sunday 14 April, Monday 15 April
    • Record Oakland Wiki stories as audio (as podcast?) [Julio/Ivan/Marina]
  • Project Management software

Open Action items

  • Dennis: Ask Peralta Hacienda staff to add a link to Oaklandwiki.org from their events page
  • Dennis: Ask Peralta Hacienda about power and Internet connectivity for the Cambodian New Year event to see if we can set up editing stations for the event April 20
  • Julio: Investigate opportunities for storing audio on Oaklandwiki.org to see if we can offer it as a way for Peralta Hacienda to store Oakland Griot's oral histories
  • Lani: Create a page for one of the Books About Oakland
  • Julio: Create a template from Lani's book entry, and inform others how to use it
  • Vicky: Register with the Library of Congress for a DMCA Agent
  • Vicky: Follow-up with emails to people who agreed to take actions
  • Mark/Ivan: Project Management software review   [CLOSED]
  • Marina: Update on Oakland Local status [CLOSED]
  • Mark/Lauren will investigate what local government documents are in the public domain? and something about the Sunshine Act? and about the Freedom of Information act?
  • Ivan: MLK Cafe event
  • Vicky: Techliminal event
  • Dennis: Peralta Hancienda event (Thursday 3/28)
  • Vicky:  Bikeabout

Event Ideas

We want more people to take the lead in organizing events. 

  • MLK Cafe event: Ethiopian/Eritrean community--Ivan
  • TechLiminal has expressed interest in hosting an Oakland Wiki event with their clients. 
  • Peralta Hacienda: willing to host an editing event, what date works for them?  Wednesday- Saturday, find a day... Due Thursday
  • Future Bikeabout: Post articles from Oakland Wiki and post them on the physical place/thing  and ALSO filling in gaps with photos and information.
  • Future Events: This is a page we started to add in event ideas.

Project Management software

Events falling through the cracks

    Other Notes / Parking Lot

    Xander: Bee Keeping