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DianaIvan, Julio, Marina, Dennis, Rupam, Kent (YR), Kurt (YR)


Upcoming events

Open Action items

  • Mark/Lauren will investigate what local government documents are in the public domain? and something about the Sunshine Act? and about the Freedom of Information act? we did this. see copyright.
  • Vicky: Techliminal event

Event Ideas

We want more people to take the lead in organizing events. 

  • MLK Cafe event: Ethiopian/Eritrean community--Ivan
  • TechLiminal has expressed interest in hosting an Oakland Wiki event with their clients. 
  • Peralta Hacienda: willing to host an editing event, what date works for them?  Wednesday- Saturday, find a day... Due Thursday
  • Future Bikeabout: Post articles from Oakland Wiki and post them on the physical place/thing  and ALSO filling in gaps with photos and information.
  • Future Events: This is a page we started to add in event ideas.