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Meeting at 8pm


Dennis,  Marina, Vicky, Diana, Julio


  • Wiknic 2013: Oakland Wiki was invited to co-host this event with WMF, happening on June 23
  • Vicky suggests a Reproductive Health Editathon
  • Dennis working on Transform and Continental Club
  • Julio: Recap of City Slicker Farms Community Design Meeting
  • Diana: Recap of Malcolm X Jazz Festival
  • Diana/Dennis to get in contact with Causa Justa for potential editathon
  • May Events:
    • Is it problematic to have a historical record AND also upcoming events?
    • We should not include Oakland Wiki events on those pages?
    • Should we embed this month's events on the front page?
    • Thoughts?
  • Marina: Next Oakland Local column due:
    • Many organizations lack a substantial web presence, due to lack of resources
    • We can teach you how to make your own page on Oakland Wiki and teach how to have a social media presence
    • We can also frame Oakland Wiki as "less work" because, for example, someone can post photos to an event, so they can benefit from the community's input
    • Problems with facebook: Very limited format and facebook owns all the content, not the group posting
    • Dennis: Send a draft of the column to attendees for review before Tues
  • Review notes and actions from last meeting

Notes from last meeting


Garden House Campus: Dennis visited their open house (part of Salvation Army) in Fruitvale, which provides shelter for homeless families. They have a new initiative called adopt a room, with a theme and decorate/paint the room for sponsors of $2000. Also features computer room donated, chapel, activity room, pre-school. It is a drug free environment, with services for residents and 16 rooms. Mostly for families with children. They request help with their website.

  • Possibility to have some follow-up session with this organization (and similar ones) think through what the want for a website, and possibility to post on the wiki (at least for now). Editing the wiki.

Saturday May 11: City Slicker Farms Bike Tour and Outreach. Information

  • Julio and Diana went and shared information with City Slicker Farms.

Youth Radio

  • Got a tour and the space is amazing. Lots of potential points of collaboration (talked about oral history, youth telling their own local stories from oaklandwiki and link it to Youth Radio stories, youth teaching a course at Sudoroom). 
  • Kurt and Kent will stop by Sudoroom 
  • Follow up to see possibility of editathon with Youth Radio Core or Bridge classes?


  • Davis and Rochester wikis are moving to the new platform. he built a calendar for them, and is available for others to work on but is not planning to develop a more robust calendar at the moment. Hoping others will step in to help.

Portal on Frontpage

  • Looks good.


Saturday May 18:

  • Malcolm X Jazz Festival!!! May News from EastSide Cultural CenterInformation
    • Marina: Got in touch with organizers for  Oakland Wiki booth, but registration closed

  • Pop-up Hood event: Reflections on the Plaza with James Rojas at Frank Ogawa Plaza. 

    • Dennis will ask about setting up a space there.

Tuesday, May 28?:  7pm MLK Cafe Event: Information

Saturday, May 25: Oral History Event @ Sudoroom

  • Dennis will email about the event

  • Ivan will email about Tina Tamale oral history

Saturday, July 20th, 1:30-5:30p: District 5-themed editathon at the Peralta Hacienda Historical Park

Open Action items

  • Vicky: Techliminal event
  • Julio: Portal to organize events
  • Work on Calendar?
  • Dennis: follow-up with Garden House - Salvation Army
  • Youth Radio follow up - link with Core / Bridge classes? Facilitate class hosted by Youth at Sudoroom? 
  • Work on publicity materials - stickers, posters, other media > See Schwag
  • Ivan: Potential history article about the Grocery Outlet cheese outlet

Event Ideas

We want more people to take the lead in organizing events. 

  • MLK Cafe event: Ethiopian/Eritrean community--Ivan
  • TechLiminal has expressed interest in hosting an Oakland Wiki event with their clients.
  • Future Bikeabout: Post articles from Oakland Wiki and post them on the physical place/thing  and ALSO filling in gaps with photos and information.
  • Future Events: This is a page we started to add in event ideas.