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Meeting at 7pm


Dennis,  Marina, Lani, Ivan


  • Next Oakland Local column coming soon! What's the next topic?
  • Moving forward with helping nonprofits make entries
    • Dennis working on a template page to show groups/nonprofits.
    • Come up with examples of other non-profit entries to show as sample pages.
  • Wiknic 2013: Oakland Wiki was invited to co-host this event with WMF, happening on June 23
    • Action items?
  • Vicky suggests a Reproductive Health Editathon
    • Date?
  • Dennis working on Transform and Continental Club
    • Status?
  • Diana/Dennis to get in contact with Causa Justa for potential editathon
  • May Events:
    • Is it problematic to have a historical record AND also upcoming events?
    • We should not include Oakland Wiki events on those pages?
    • Should we embed this month's events on the front page?
    • Thoughts?


Saturday May 18:

  • Malcolm X Jazz Festival!!! May News from EastSide Cultural CenterInformation
    • Marina: Got in touch with organizers for  Oakland Wiki booth, but registration closed

  • Pop-up Hood event: Reflections on the Plaza with James Rojas at Frank Ogawa Plaza. 

    • Dennis will ask about setting up a space there.

Tuesday, May 28?:  7pm MLK Cafe Event: Information

Saturday, May 25: Oral History Event @ Sudoroom

  • Dennis will email about the event

  • Ivan will email about Tina Tamale oral history

Saturday, July 20th, 1:30-5:30p: District 5-themed editathon at the Peralta Hacienda Historical Park

Open Action items

  • Vicky: Techliminal event
  • Julio: Portal to organize events
  • Work on Calendar?
  • Dennis: follow-up with Garden House - Salvation Army
  • Youth Radio follow up - link with Core / Bridge classes? Facilitate class hosted by Youth at Sudoroom? 
  • Work on publicity materials - stickers, posters, other media > See Schwag
  • Ivan: Potential history article about the Grocery Outlet cheese outlet

Event Ideas

We want more people to take the lead in organizing events. 

  • MLK Cafe event: Ethiopian/Eritrean community--Ivan
  • TechLiminal has expressed interest in hosting an Oakland Wiki event with their clients.
  • Future Bikeabout: Post articles from Oakland Wiki and post them on the physical place/thing  and ALSO filling in gaps with photos and information.
  • Future Events: This is a page we started to add in event ideas.