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 Ivan, MarinaJulio, Dennis, Diana


  • Oakland Wiki 8/8


    Peralta Hacienda

    - They want us to be a part of their upcoming events:

    - Health Fair next Sat 8/17. Not sure what time.

    - StoryCorps 8/23 & 8/24 10-4PM. (A Spanish-speaker would be good to have?)

    - They have videos they'd like to put on the wiki. Not sure what type of file.

    - Open to having an OakWiki event...will ask about 8/31

    - Make a flyer. (Diana)



    1st and 3rd Thursdays.


    Julio went to Longfellow Community Meetings and let them know that he's been working on Longfellow businesses on OakWiki. LCA wants to feature businesses..Julio encouraged them to highlight business entries from OakWiki.


    Oakland Local. Marina will get a column started and share with the group

Past Events


  • Saturday, September, 10a-4p: Peralta Hacienda Editathon at the Peralta Hacienda Historical Park

    • Dennis: Tried get our event listed on Peralta Hacienda (website)

    • Dennis: Send Promotion message to [email protected]

    • Everyone: Forward to other groups as appropiate

  • Next Sunday Editathon at Oakland History Room July 21st

  • Next Longfellow Editathon: Tentatively scheduled for July 23 @ 8pm MLK Cafe (Diana, Julio, Dennis, Ivan)
  • Chavez Branch Editathon

    • Tuesdays, the library is open until 8pm (Ivan works there)
    • Tentatively planned for Tuesday in July 30, 6-8pm
  • Oakland Local Column, need to finalize by the end of this week: Contact Marina/Lani if you want to contribute, or edit this link: Teaching with Oaklandwiki.org
    • We did not post one this month... aiming to have it ready for next month. Due August 6
    • how teachers can use Oakland Wiki.
      • Check out the Educators Portal
      • Parts of the curriculum that Oakland Wiki can fulfill? (History)
  • Oakland Wiki Logo Skateboard to identify/advertise ourselves at editathon: Ivan/Marina/Diana
    • Marina will provide a skateboard to paint
    • Diana will paint it
  • Possibility of hosting meetings at LOLSpace/SELC once in a while
    • Diana: Shooting for 

Further Future

  • Rethinking the Front Page

  • New wording for "What we've been up to" (Vicky)

  • About Oakland Wiki

  • Stealth People Page:

    • Contributors who edit a lot, but don't come to meeting

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Editathon

    • Diana is maybe possibly making shoutouts to people. Greenkozi, you interested?
  • Oral History Event @ Sudoroom
    • Ivan will email about Tina Tamale oral history. No Update
    • Ivan will also reach out to Estelle Clemens. Community Action Partnership Experience on War on Poverty
    • Grocery Outlet Cheese?
    • Aiming for August
  • Youth Radio - just starting conversation. Kids in finals and vacation. No kids right now. working on a new website. Will be good to continue the conversation.

    • launching an app where kids submit their own stories. and how that might be tied to the wiki. No Update

  • TechLiminal has expressed interest in hosting an Oakland Wiki event with their clients
  • Need to consolidate Events pages
    • Future Events Ideas - just ideas....not yet set.
    • Events that are upcoming / past
    • What we have been up to - features of past events
    • Events by Month - may need to clean up events listings for current year to focus on significant historical events (like Brown dissolves redevelopment funds)  rather than periodic happenings (like Dan Kalb Listening Session on Feb 28, 2013)
    • Event Notes Pages - Notes from meetings attended.
  • Housing Justice Editathon: Causa Justa 

    • Diana also emailed Patricia Zamora. No response.

    • Back burner