Pastor Milton Mickey Moore, Father of Mickey Moore Jr., Derrick Moore, and dauther Kameelah Moore... better known as Mickey Mo, is a pastor at Keys to the Heart International Church in West Oakland. He became famous as a heroin dealer and leader of The Family with the financial assistance of then girlfriend Patricia Jones whom eventually had a hand in him starting a pimping ring, a competitor of Felix "The Cat" Mitchell and his 69th Avenue Mob.

Moore was eventually caught, and served 7 years of a 20 year sentence for various drug and gun-related charges. In prison, he enrolled in school and began educating himself. He has written a book called The Man: The Life Story an X Drug Kingpin. (It was originally released as The Man: The Life Story a Drug Kingpin.)

Moore was also a singer and a later member of The Numonics beginning in 1975. He produced at least one 45 RPM record with them on Hodisk Records, "Time Brings About Changes" (A side) + "Forever And A Day" (B side).

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