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The Montezuma Apartments (later renamed Atascadero Apartments) are at 700 East 24th St. in a Spanish-style building constructed in 1930. A painted crest with Atascadero is in the lobby, reflecting the c.1932 rebranding, which was hand painted by Lewis Mahlmann, in place of the original metal shield.. 2

They were built for Mr. and Mrs. Christ Dietz; Chester H. Treichel was the architect. 1

April 1930 1

In 1940, a fire started at the switchboard in the basement, and caused an estimated $4,000 in damage. 3

One resident of note was Children's Fairyland master puppeteer Lewis Mahlmann who lived there from the early 1970s until his passing in 2014. He was also the building manager, who in 2010 passed the baton to Anthony Bennett, who still manages it.4   


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