81st Avenue plant
photo CC BY-NC 2.0 by vision63, 2006

Mother's Cookies was founded in Oakland in 1914. The plant in East Oakland shut down suddenly in 2008. 1

The company was founded in 1914 when Woodrow Wilson decreed that Mother's Day would be a national holiday in the US. Noah M. Wheatley started with a recipe he purchased from a customer and a corner stand. A year later, he started a one-person operation on 12th Avenue where he baked about 2,000 cookies a day. 2 The factory building is now a series of lofts.

The 81st Avenue plant closed in 2008, and is now home to Dobake Bakeries, which produces fresh and frozen bakery products.

Kellogg's eventually bought the assets of Mother's, and Mother's Cookies returned to store shelves in 2009.

12th Avenue plant
CC SA-BY Our Oakland
CC SA-BY Our Oakland81st Ave. headquarters, 2011
CC SA-BY Our Oakland
81st Ave. headquarters, 2011
CC SA-BY Our Oakland

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