Introducing: New, Smart Parking Meters

No more "fishing" for quarters, fewer tickets  


On Monday, May 19, the City of Oakland kicked off a campaign to convert all 3,800 existing "coin-only, single-space, on-street" parking meters in retail and business districts across Oakland to new state-of-the-art "Smart Parking Meters." The meters provide a single-space mechanism which fits on existing meter poles. The meters will accept payment by coin, credit/debit card or phone. They use solar-powered/rechargeable battery technology and are managed wirelessly through a web-based management system, which means no additional technology infrastructure is required.

Think about it, you're having lunch or an important meeting and you just pay by phone. Also the solar batteries will eliminate the use of 91200 AA batteries a year! And the double poles will reduce theft. 

IPS Smart Meter M5 How-To from IPS Smart Meters on Vimeo.


The new meters, provided by IPS Group, Inc., are being installed by Oakland Public Works' Traffic Maintenance Division through July 31. Parking meter rates and times of operation will remain unchanged. Enforcement and citations will also remain unchanged. Public outreach activities include distribution of flyers to all businesses and commercial areas, community meetings in each Council District and a comprehensive web page. For complete details, documents and additional public information, please visit For more information, please contact Jason Mitchell, Assistant Director of Infrastructure & Operations, at


[email protected] or (510) 615-5856. For a copy of the brochure, click here. For a brochure in Spanish, click here. For a brochure in Chinese, click here.


Note on April 9th, 2015

Meters by the same manufacturer have been a problem in San Jose.  Large trucks going by have reset the meter time causes false tickets to be issued.  Oakland's guides make no mention of this being a possible issue with these new meters.  You may want to photograph your car and meter showing you've payed when you pay in order to contest tickets.