Some places are not in Oakland. Discuss …

  • I think the purely Berkeley items on the list should be deleted (as others have similarly been deleted); I’ve commented separately on the other pages I think should stay — NAParish
  • I think purely Berkeley (or wherever else) should be deleted. Something with historical Oakland connections (especially those with Oakland in the name, like Oakland Trotting Park) should be kept, as long as it’s made clear that they weren’t in Oakland. — Gene
  • Berkeley specific pages below can be cut from here and pasted into where they belong, with a CC-A reference in the edit note. The existing pages can remain with a hyperlink in the body to the BerkeleyWiki page. It’s a wiki-neighbourly thing to do. :-) — HiMY.
  • Eh, I’m not very concerned about this problem as we don’t have an epidemic of non-Oakland entries. If they’re not hurting anyone or getting out of hand and if they are things that would be of interest to Oaklanders (ex: a free clinic in Berkeley or San Leandro), then it doesn’t hurt anything for the moment to let them stay. We also have funny pages (like Emeryville) that I think are worth keeping. - mk30
  • San Leandro (not mentioned on the list of pages below) doesn’t have a wiki yet. wiki org wasn’t ready to roll one out for us. Oakland Wiki advised us that we could borrow a few pages to try it out. When we do get our own wiki, we can move our pages over. I wasn’t the first to add a SL page but I did add a couple more. - judi

while i’m generally in the camp of disposing of the “totally unrelated” pages, i love this, judi! welcome! -gk

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