The Oakland College of Medicine and Surgery was a medical school in Oakland from 1900 to 1921. It opened its doors in 1904 4 and the first class graduated in 1906. 1

The school was at the corner of Grove Street (now Martin Luther King Jr. Way) and 31st Street. A photograph of the College dated 1920 shows the name "Oakland College of Medicine" obviously added or enhanced after the photo was taken. The building has since been demolished, but the house behind on the left seems to still be the same in this Google Maps view.

Oakland College of Medicine, 1920
Library of Congress (public domain)

Alumni include:

The college was incorporated for $50,000 in 1900 by: 2

  • Dr. Frank L. Adams (president of the board)
  • Dr. Joseph. S. Eastman
  • Dr. Carl Rudolph Krone (secretary of the board)
  • Dr. Hayward Glazier Thomas
  • Dr. Dennis David Crowley

Members of the faculty included:

  • Dr. Dennis David Crowley - professor of principles and practice of surgery
  • Dr. Frank L. Adams - professor of clinical surgery
  • Dr. Joseph S. Eastman - professor of principles and practice of medicine
  • Dr. Carl Rudolph Krone - professor pathology
  • Dr, Hayward G. Thomas - professor of ophthalmology and otology
  • Dr, S. H. Buteau - professor of gynecology
  • Dr. W. F. B. Wakefield - professor of clinical gynecology
  • Dr. R. F. Stratton - professor of nervous diseases and cerebral surgery
  • Dr. Edward M. Ewer - professor of obstetrics
  • Dr. W. S. Porter - professor of surgical anatomy
  • Dr. J. L. Milton - professor of anatomy
  • Dr. Oliver D. Hamlin - professor of visceral anatomy
  • Dr. H. N. Winton

Judge Henry A. Melvin and H. C. Capwell were scheduled to speak at the opening ceremony in 1904. 4

In May 1912, six students graduated: 8

  • William Roscoe Boone
  • Clarence Cyril Fitz-Gibbon
  • Frank Leslie Herrick
  • John Henderson Stark
  • William Howard Wakefield
  • George Edmond Parsons Walton

Dr. Edward Ewer was the dean in 1913. Dr. Hayward G. Thomas was the dean in 1915.

In 1919, the college was turned over to the Alameda County Public Health Center. Dr. Thomas was succeeded by Dr. Frank Adams, the first administrative head. 7

The college was well-regarded for many years, receiving top ratings. But in 1920, the Journal of American Medicine (JAMA) rated it class C - "colleges requiring a complete reorganization to make them acceptable." 3 In 1921, there was only one graduate.

In 1912, Dr. H. N. Winton dropped dead at the college while talking with Dr. Hayward G. Thomas. 5

Dr. Frank L. Adams 6Dr. Dennis David Crowley 6Dr. Joseph S. Eastman 6Dr. W. F. B. Wakefield 6Dr. Carl R. Krone 6Dr. Oliver D. Hamlin 6Dr. Hayward G. Thomas 6

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