In 2013 the Oakland Police Department gave a survey to sworn officers. The results were released via public records request.

The Results from the multiple choice questions are below

Question Yes No

% responding Yes

Q1- Do you feel valued by the Department for the work you do? 179 332 35%
Q2- Do you feel valued by the  citizens for the work you do 225 283 44%
Q3- Do you feel valued by the city government for the work you do? 83 425 16%
Q4- Do you believe you were provided adequate training for the position you are assigned to? 347 159 69%
Q6-Do you feel there are adequate opportunities for advancement from your current position? 387 110 78%
Q7- Are you challenged and stimulated by the work you are assigned?


411 83 83%
Q8- Are there other assignment you would like to be given? 316 179 64%
Q9- Do you understand the priorities of the Police Department? 397 99 80%

Oakland Police Survey of Sworn officers, October 2013 by ali_winston

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