Oakmore Highlands sign
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Oakmore Highlands (aka Oakmore) is a neighborhood in the Oakland hills next to Highway 13 and Park Blvd owned at one time by Antonio Peralta. The area is largely residential, though it contains a small retail district with Rocky's Market, a Red Boy Pizza, 3 Seasons Thai Bistro, and a number of professional offices. 

Sausal Creek runs through it in Dimond Canyon and Dimond Park, and is crossed by the Leimert Bridge. The building of the Leimert Bridge in 1926 allowed the land, previously hard to reach, to be developed.

Much of the development of the area was done by Walter and Harry Leimert- the subdivision was set up in 1926. The subdivision was set up into four tracts and a firm called Mitchell & Austin handled the sales. Homes were designed to fit in with the natural beauty of the area.

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Preserving the beauty of the area has always been important to the neighbors. In 1926, the Oakmore Homes association included a bit about not cutting down any oak trees until conferring with the home association. The association is still quite active. 1

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