SF Call 1901 3Paul Steindorff (June 29, 1864 – February 18, 1927) was a noted conductor and musician. In 1912, he organized the Oakland Municipal Band and was the conductor until 1927. From 1912 until 1923, was choral director (choragus) of the music department at UC Berkeley.

Steindorff was born in Germany in 1864 to Louis Steindorff and Helene Ehrmann (Steindorff). He came to the U.S. about 1886 and settled in New York for a time. In 1887, he married Paula Buechner (Steindorff), and they had four children: Erna Steindorff (Miller), Kurt Steindorff, Elfrieda Steindorff, and Lillian Steindorff.

He made a name for himself with opera, Broadway productions, and more in New York. In 1901, he moved the family to San Francisco where he joined the Tivoli Theater. 1

After the 1906 earthquake, stars from the Tivoli Theater in San Francisco relocated to Idora Park and called themselves the Idora Park Comic Opera Company. They performed under Steindorff's direction in a large, wooden opera house called the Wigwam Theater. 1 Steindorff had been the director at the Tivoli since 1901, but resigned in 1905. 2

Death and Burial

Steindorff fell into a diabetic coma and died at Merritt Hospital 4. He and wife are buried in Mountain View Cemetery, along with son Kurt and his family: wife Blanche Steindorff and son Paulie Steindorff (February 16, 1923 - April 10, 1934)

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